Event Management in the Social Media Age

Event Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, event planners expect more from event entertainment. A lot more. Entertainment doesn’t just have to be all singing and all dancing,

Event Social Media Marketing

SocialSnap Studios at Lakeland Business Leaders event

it also needs to have real impact, increase brand awareness and help to promote the event to a larger audience.

Gone are the days when event planners could just book a rabbit in a hat magician to interact with attendees at corporate events and expect the client, and their guests, to be satisfied. The Information Age requires entertainment that plays a far greater role within events.

Social Media Marketing – Before, During, and After an Event

It needs to be bold, daring, exciting, engaging, be interactive and most of all encourage people to use social media to increase exposure for businesses and their events.  Businesses are realizing the huge benefits of encouraging social media interaction before, during and after an event has taken place.

Social Media Marketing at Events

SocialSnap’s 42” Touch Screen Engages Guests while they Post Real-Time at the Event

Entertainment can play its part in helping to generate social media exposure at an event by ensuring that people talk about it. This is the New Media Age, an age in which we know what people had for breakfast, what their new haircut looks like and the films they have just watched; so booking exciting, interactive entertainment is a sure fire way of getting your event talked about right across the various social media platforms.

Social Media Photobooth

Bringing the Photobooth concept in to the New Media Age, these photobooths are a great addition to any event looking for social media exposure! At a time when everybody is obsessed with ‘selfies’ and bombarding the web with photos, photobooths have become very popular for a variety of events; from Exhibitions and Gala Dinners, to Weddings and Conferences.

Not only does this new class of photobooth enable attendees to email or upload pictures on to various social media sites in real time, but they also include company logos and branding.  Social Media Photo booths are great icebreakers for events, as well as encouraging footfall for trade show stands.

Attendees won’t be able to resist posing for a photo at the event and instantly tweeting or uploading it, ensuring that your event and brand gain maximum exposure!

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