Branding Your Next Corporate or Social Event

Here are some stunning numbers from Facebook’s recent earnings report:

  • • 63% of Facebook users engage on a daily basis
  • • 1.32 billion people log on to Facebook at least once a month
  • • 829 million people use Facebook on a daily basis
  • • 654 million people use Facebook on mobile on a daily basis
  • • 30 million businesses have a Facebook fan page
  • • 1.5 million businesses buy Facebook ads
  • • The average Facebook user spends 40 minutes a day on the website

SocialSnap Studios branded photo from  Tampa Theatre’s Wine Festival 2014

SocialSnap Studios branded photo from
Tampa Theatre’s Wine Festival 2014

Put those numbers to work for you at your next event. With nearly a billion people using Facebook on a daily basis, not to mention all the other social networking venues, social media is a fantastic tool to publicize your event at very small cost. With a modern open-air photobooth at your event, guests will flock to your website and social media sites to view their pictures during and after the event and will eagerly share them with their “friends” – live, in real-time during the event. You can increase your company or social function’s awareness by branding the photos and designing a green screen background featuring your logo, name, or sponsor recognition.

An Extraordinary Event

An extraordinary event is one that people talk about for all the right reasons. Everyone had fun and made great connections. “Selfies” have become ubiquitous at the best events. Why not hyper-charge your next event – provide instant “selfies” along with the ability to instantly post their pictures and information about the event in real time as well as long afterwards.

A successful event is one that is talked about by those that attended (for all the right reasons!), ensuring that businesses gain exposure to a wider audience. With the rise in popularity of social media and evolving new technologies, event attendees now have the ability to post pictures and information about events in real time and afterwards.

Businesses are catching on, and many event planners now strive to ensure that their event receives maximum exposure on a range of social media platforms. This is easily done with the right marketing and the right entertainment. The advantages for businesses when event planners get it right is that their brand receives increased exposure, leading to bigger brand awareness and customers in the long-term.